Yakima County Record Research and Record Retrieval Services

Record Research and Retrieval Services (Record Retrieval Services)

Yakima Process Servers provides professional document research and retrieval services in the City of Yakima, Yakima County, Kittitas County, Klickitat County, Benton County, and can facilitate record research services in the Tri-Cities area, including Kennewick, Pasco, and Richland, Washington State. Prices depicted below do not include fees assessed by the respective agency or court that we will obtain the records from, for instance, copy fees, certified copies, etc. Additionally, in addition to the fees depicted below, our hourly rate of $55.00 per hour applies on all order, if the time require to obtain your records surpasses ten (10) minutes. Our hourly rate is billed in thirty (30) minute increments. For example, if it takes 18 minutes to complete your order while at the Clerk's Office, the billable amount would be $27.50. However, if we are able to facilitate your order within the first ten (10) minutes of arrival, our hourly rate will not apply.

  • City of Yakima/Yakima County
  • $50p/Trip

    Record Retrieval
    • Superior Court Records
    • District Court Records
    • Auditor's Records
    • Municipal Records
    • Library - Historical Records
  • Grandview - District Court
  • $100p/Trip

    Grandview District Court
    • Civil Case Records
    • Criminal Case Records
    • Judgments / Orders
    • Small Claims
    • Citation Records
  • Statewide Record Retrieval
  • $150+p/Trip

    Washington State Retrieval
    • Superior Courts
    • District Courts
    • Municipal Records
    • State Agency Records
    • Historical Archives


For your convenience, Yakima Process Servers is open Monday through Saturday, 8AM to 6PM, Pacific Standard Time.

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